What brands do you use?

Our kit contains so many amazing professional brands. We believe every pro brand is good at something but not everything, so we carefully select my pieces based off of performance and wearability.

Do you do Airbrush makeup?

Such a trendy thing…. Just like why anyone thinks things are cool….. Like purses for example…. There could be a really great quality handbag next to a Michael Kors bag and people will almost always pick the Michael Kors one right?… Because it’s what they are conditioned to think is better…… We use a variety of high definition liquid foundations cocktailed together with the appropriate skin serums for their skin type. Every foundation application is then customized for your skin…. Whereas…. Airbrush is just…. Airbrush. It’s quick-YES.

How far in advance do I need to request you?

We receive inquiries from brides on a daily basis, so if you know you definitely want WBC, we recommend booking sooner rather than later as weekends get booked up very quickly.

Should we have my hair done before my makeup?

Whatever is best for you is fine with me. In the perfect scenario we would say that your makeup would come first so that we could work it all the way up to your hairline without interfering with any of the delicate style you may have in your hairstyle.

Where is the trial held?

It can either be at your home/location of your choice (mileage will apply if out of a 30 mile radius of North Liberty) or we also love booking various studio spaces around if you prefer something of the sort.

How soon can I have my trial?

A trial can take place as soon as you are ready to have it, and your deposit is paid. However it might be helpful to have it within 3 months of your wedding, that way generally you will know more about the way you want to look as you will probably have your dress and flowers picked out by that point.

How long will the trial take?

A trial can take anywhere from an hour to several hours, depending on how many looks you want to try and how many people are having a trial. We do not limit a bride to a certain length of time for her trial, its very important to us that I make you happy and get the look right for you, however long it takes.

How much do you charge for mileage?

I charge 54 cents per mile, outside of a 30 mile radius of North Liberty.

How much time do you need on my wedding day?

We usually allow an hour (makeup only) for the bride and 35 minutes(makeup only) for each extra person. Hair and makeup can vary.

Do you supply a top up of my lip colour?

You can either buy a full sized lip colour (of your choice) from me or we will supply you with a lip conditioner that adds shine and balances pigment.

How do I secure my wedding date?

Your wedding date can be secured by signing the contract and a deposit which is 50% of services. Please note that due to the number of inquiries we receive we can not hold a wedding date until a deposit is received.