Long past are the days of dread when it comes to wearing a bridesmaids dress. Brides today are more attentive than ever on their wedding parties, focused on creating a look and feel that not only fits the theme of their wedding, but the personalities of the friends at their side. Recently Lauren Conrad styled a friends’ wedding party in her Paper Crown line, featuring both the custom fit and the neutral

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Have you ever walked into a salon and tried to make small talk with the stranger making you beautiful? Awkward! We know that choosing someone to take care of your bridal beauty routine takes time, patience, and a little leap of faith. We’re trying to make that leap a little less scary by inviting you to get to know some of our beauty wizards er


So, you have the dress. You’ve nailed down your hairstylist, and you’ve booked your mani and pedi. But have you thought about what your want those fingertips to look like? 3989

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Today we’d like to introduce our Senior Executive Sales Leader, Katie Rusidill. She’s the ring leader of our sales representatives and a prime example of what Team Carue loves most about doing what we love. Here’s what Katie has to say: 3922

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We LOVE a good Pinterest collection. (By the way, have you followed our boards yet? Click HERE to do it now!) And we know that our brides love being fun and different. With that in mind, we’ve assembled our favorite takes on the traditional bridesmaid bouquet all together in one pin-worthy collection.  Enjoy! 3844

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By Evona Niewiadomska, Gourmet Wedding Gifts There’s nothing quite like a summer wedding. With the sun shining bright and happiness all around us as a result of the gorgeous weather, it’s impossible not to have a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception that you and your guests can enjoy. 3811

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Wedding favors can seem like a necessary evil – something that we feel obligated to give our guests, and something the guests feel obligated to take with them. We’ve seen all kinds of favors, from candy dishes to floral-scented bags of pinecones. But the ones we know that resonate most with guests are things they can consume or repurpose.  With that knowledge, we’ve assembled our top

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Article by Johanna Powers of Hope’s Bridal You said “yes” to the dress, wowed your guests, and have the pictures to prove just how amazing you looked. That gown likely was the most expensive article of clothing you’ve ever purchased, and one that carries a great deal of emotion and memories. 3715
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